VCAS arbitration – the better alternative to court

The Victorian Commercial Arbitration Scheme (VCAS) is a set of Rules through which you can resolve disputes quickly, without needing to go to court, under a capped-fee scheme with experienced arbitrators.

Local resolution of disputes means that you don’t need to travel. VCAS is a Victoria-wide scheme through which your dispute may be resolved in person in Melbourne or a regional centre, through an online arbitration, or by an examination of documents only, in an appropriate case.

VCAS arbitrators are experienced in resolving commercial disputes.  Arbitrators’ fees are capped for total sums in dispute of less than $1milliion.  Therefore, the costs of engaging the arbitrator are known in advance.

The decision (the Award) is usually made within 90 to 120 days of the arbitration and is enforceable by a court.

VCAS is endorsed by the Victorian Bar.

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“The VCAS arbitration process will give you certainty and peace of mind.”

Message from the Patron of VCAS

Going to court can be a time-consuming, lengthy and expensive process.

This causes stress and frustration for parties involved in lengthy, costly court battles. For some, the prospect of going to court is too much and so they settle for less than they are entitled to.

Arbitration can do away with the high costs and delays traditionally associated with court litigation. Arbitration is becoming a more common way to resolve civil and commercial disputes because parties recognise that it can be a quicker, easier and more affordable alternative to court.

If you are a party to a commercial dispute looking for a fair and timely resolution of the dispute, the VCAS arbitration scheme provides VCAS Arbitrators who are qualified and experienced, a set of rules which mandates that they must ordinarily make a decision about your cases within a set period of time and for a capped fee, and a final decision (the “Award”) that is enforceable in the courts.

Professor the Honourable Clyde Croft AM SC

As an independent arbitrator and mediator, Professor Croft has more than 30 years’ experience in international and Australian arbitration and mediation as an arbitrator, mediator, barrister, Senior Counsel, Supreme Court Judge and in policy advising in all aspects of international and domestic dispute resolution to governments and public and private organisations in Australia and elsewhere. Dr Croft was, in 2009, appointed a Judge of the Supreme Court of Victoria and for a decade, until his retirement in 2019, was the Judge in Charge of the Arbitration List in the Commercial Court of that Court. He is now a Professor in the Monash University Law Faculty and Convenor of the Monash Law Commercial Disputes Group.