VCAS arbitration – the better alternative to court

The Victorian Commercial Arbitration Scheme (VCAS) is a set of Rules through which you can resolve disputes quickly, without needing to go to court, under a capped-fee scheme with experienced arbitrators.

Local resolution of disputes means that you don’t need to travel. VCAS is a Victoria-wide scheme through which your dispute may be resolved in person in Melbourne or a regional centre, through an online arbitration, or by an examination of documents only, in an appropriate case.

VCAS arbitrators are experienced in resolving commercial disputes.  Arbitrators’ fees are capped for total sums in dispute of less than $1million.  Therefore, the costs of engaging the arbitrator are known in advance.

The decision (the Award) is usually made within 90 to 120 days of the arbitration and is enforceable by a court.

VCAS is endorsed by the Victorian Bar.